“We simply need that wild country available to us, even if we never do more
than drive to its edge and look in. For it can be a means of reassuring ourselves
of our sanity as creatures, a part of the geography of hope.”
—Wallace Stegner's Wilderness Letter, December 3, 1960


Adirondack Wild Calls for Limits on Public Motorized Uses at Boreas Ponds.

In a letter submitted today to the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, the nonprofit advocate Adirondack Wild: Friends of the Forest Preserve recommends that the Boreas Ponds tract be managed in ways that avoid damage to natural resources and enhance opportunities to experience solitude. The letter is attached here Letter to DEC

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APA’s Large Subdivision Application is Positive Step Towards Conservation Design, says Adirondack Wild

The non-profit wild lands advocate Adirondack Wild:  Friends of the Forest Preserve views the recent adoption by the NYS Adirondack Park Agency (APA) of new Large Subdivision Application procedures as a long-delayed, but positive step forward. The organization hopes the move contributes to the adoption of conservation subdivision design as the standard for the Adirondack Park.
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‘Forever Taxable’ Coalition Opposes State Land Tax Cap for Adirondacks and Catskills

ALBANY, N.Y. – Members of New York State citizen advisory panels for the Adirondack and Catskill parks have joined forces to oppose a plan in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Executive Budget that would eliminate the state’s obligation to pay local property taxes on three million acres of public Forest Preserve it owns. Under the budget plan, the state’s obligation to pay full taxes to towns, counties and school districts on “forever wild” state lands would be replaced by less-reliable payments in lieu of taxes (PILOTs). 
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Adirondack Wild and Adirondack Wilderness Advocates: Missed Opportunity to Realize Wilderness Potential at Boreas Ponds

Keene, NY – While Governor Cuomo has directed the NYS Adirondack Park Agency (APA) to classify Boreas Ponds to allow mechanized traffic all the way to the dam (8 miles in), Adirondack Wild: Friends of the Forest Preserve and Adirondack Wilderness Advocates continue to advocate for a Wilderness alternative across the entire 21,000-acre Boreas Ponds tract that would be responsive to overwhelming public sentiment for Wilderness and allow the Gulf Brook and Boreas Roads to revert to accessible, low impact foot trails. read PDF>

Wilderness Advocates Urge APA to Take Action on Rail Car Storage

Two environmental groups, Adirondack Wild: Friends of the Forest Preserve and the nonprofit law firm Earthjustice, are urging the Adirondack Park Agency (APA) to immediately assert its authority to end the unlawful storage of discarded oil tanker cars in protected wild and scenic river areas in the heart of the Adirondack Park. read PDF>

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The mission of Adirondack Wild: Friends of the Forest Preserve is to advance New York’s ‘Forever Wild’ legacy and Forest Preserve policies in the Adirondack and Catskill Parks, and promote public and private land stewardship that is consistent with wild land values through education, advocacy and research.

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